Chapter 6: While I Was Held By a Macho Man, You Replaced My Phone’s Secret Gallery With Muscle Pics?!

“This will be Kagurazaka-sama’s room.”

I had been walking through the dorm’s corridors, guided by Kujou-san.

In this academy, isolated from society, a boarding system was a matter of course and I was in the middle of being led to the room in which I’d be staying from today onwards.

This rich girl school doesn’t do things half-assedly in the dorm either: everything— even the lighting and the metal fittings of the windows— was sparkling. High class things, simple yet gorgeous; gaudy yet harmonic.

How much might that have cost… I tried to imagine such thoughtless things.

“In consideration for Kagurazaka-sama, we’ve prepared a special room.”

“Special room?”

“Yes. We didn’t spare any costs and renovated the room, so that you can spend your time comfortably. It will surely meet your satisfaction.”

Is this what they call ‘VIP treatment’?

“Is it okay to do that just for me…?”

“Of course. It was I who invited you, so this amount of consideration is a given.”

“I see… My bad.”

“Not at all.”

And, at the end of the hallway, we reached the room.

“It’s this one.”

Kujou-san turned the door knob and pulled.

I was excited.

Even with it being such a gorgeous dorm, a special room…? What can it possibly look like…?

On the other side of the door was… a 6-tatami-room that I was quite used to seeing.

“We’ve brought in your things from the Kagurazaka residence and reproduced it. Your room.”


I was astounded.

“The expenses included the shipping charges due to the special route, wages, and secrecy. In total it amounts to one hundred million yen.”

“My room cost one hundred million yen?!”

It was put completely off balance.

“We believe that if it’s a commoner room like this bird cage, then Kagurazaka-sama should be able to pass his time comfortably.”

“Did you just say bird cage?! You said that, right?!”

“We’ve produced these magazines from under your bed.” (She spread the porn magazines in her hand).

“Say what?! That’s right, huh?! You did bring everything, huh?!”

“By the way, these dubious magazines were all—— normal, weren’t they?”

“——! …Umm…”

Oh crap. If they find out that I do like girls after all, my life’s over.

If I can’t show off how much I like men…

“T-That’s actually——”

“Now I understand.”


“You used it as camouflage so that your family and friends wouldn’t know about your preferences, correct?”

“! That’s right. Well, having that special preference has its troubles after all…”

“Well then, we shall dispose of these unnecessary things then.”


“HIIIIIII——?! Wait, you ripped the entire bundle in one go?! How can you even have such a tight grip?!”

“Please, dispose of these portrayals at once.”

Portrayals, she says.

“Also, about the large amount of erotic photos on your cell phone device.”

“You saw ’em?!”

“When we had a look at them, they were of young girl’s legs—— many of them were close-ups on thighs. Or rather, almost all of them.”


The silent gaze hurt.

Right. I don’t have a muscle fetish.

I have a thigh fetish.

“But rest assured.”


“We replaced all of them with macho muscle pics.”


“When we returned in the car.”

“While I was held by a macho man, you replaced my phone’s secret gallery with muscle pics?!”

“What’s with that overreaction…? You couldn’t possibly have lied about your muscle feti—”


…To think that words could hurt people (me) that much.

“Aah, also…”

Kujou-san seemed to have something more to add…

“Today, I was appointed as Kagurazaka-sama’s personal maid.”

“Personal maid?!”

“In this school, all students, or should I say each young lady, has a maid that is in charge of taking care of her.”

Which reminds me, the person that handed over the letter set to Arisugawa-san looked like an assisting maid too. So it’s like that then?

“And I am in charge of Kagurazaka-sama.”

Me? My own maid…?

I had started to forget, but the otherworldly feeling resurged.

“Well, even though I am, I won’t do a thing for you.”



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