Chapter 23: I Hate You

“I’ll turn on the light, alright?”

And hence Reiko had come to know yet another thing about commoners; they didn’t call those things lamps or anything, but simply ‘light[1]‘.

Kimito and Reiko were now alone in the classroom.

Slowly, the young ladies had come to the decision to call it a day, and they had been invited to swap places and drink tea with everyone.

And so, when the others tried to voice their gratitude towards Kimito, Kae and the other participants of the last tea party left the room with them, saying ‘We’ll go ahead’.

Well—— they rather took the others with them.

Right as they were leaving the room, they turned their heads and gave some flickering gazes that seemed to be saying something and caused Reiko’s body to heat up. The embarrassment from having her secret known made her feel like her heart was going to stop.

The dim classroom instantly lit up.

“I am terribly sorry.”

Apologizing for his carelessness, Kimito seemed a bit embarrassed, and then came back over to Reiko.

He was someone very careful about minding others.

Just as how things came about right now, he indirectly took her and her surroundings into consideration to make sure that there wouldn’t be anything lacking.

It was different from the maids’ behavior, his personality was one of spontaneity.

A splendid person indeed.

Whenever she happened to meet him, it caused her chest to tighten up.

Lately, it had been like that all the time.

Just by being in the same room with him, by being able to see him, something inside of her snapped, and she felt a sensation like that of a summer breeze blowing by.

Just what would one call this? …Even the sheltered Reiko knew what it was.

“Kimito-sama. Thank you very much.”

Reiko bowed with all her heart.

“I cannot put into words just how grateful I am for everything you did today.”

“Well… That’s good, isn’t it? You were able to make up with everyone.”

Upon raising her head Kimito looked a bit embarrassed and was scratching his head.

To have each of them performing different gestures was a sweet sight.

“This happiness I’m feeling, I’ve never felt like this before.”

It was the truth. If you ask why——

“It’s not just because I was able to make amends with everyone… To have Kimito-sama working hard for my sake and thinking up this magnificent event, it makes me very… happy.”

That’s how it was.

Reiko felt a tremendous amount of joy for thinking of her and everything he had done up until now. And on top of that… it answered a hope she had.

Namely, that Kimito-sama didn’t think of her as someone detestable.

Upon thinking that, her chest sprung up and mood was lightening up… It seemed like she’d be able to move on.

And outside…

The sun had completely set. It was around dusk with the faint remnants of the sun tracing a red light along the ridges of the mountains overlooking the school.

The glow reached out to the classroom with only the two of them in there.

It felt like a cliché situation right after a school festival.

A sensation that felt as if all the fortune in the world was on her side.

“…………You know…”

At his voice, she was suddenly pulled back to reality.

And then, little by little Reiko noticed.

It felt like she could see that he made up his mind about something in his concealed eyes.

Something really bad.

And she had a presentiment.


I thought that this was something that I had to say.

I felt like this was something that Arisugawa-san would want to know.

“You know, all those plans for today, they weren’t mine—Aika came up with everything.”

I said it.

I told her everything.

About why Aika was always like that.

About how she was frightened to talk to others.

And about the commoner club.

The ‘Commoner After School Experience’ was originally her idea to finally be able to get along with everyone. All we did was in preparation for that.

And then… she had given it all away for Arisugawa-san’s sake.

Without a breather, I conveyed all of her earnestness.

“She is an incredibly good-hearted person, you know?”


“And that’s why I thought that I wanted to do something for her.”

For that I thought it’d be best to get Arisugawa-san’s help.

Since she was idolized by everyone, good-natured, and always worrying about Aika.

“So, you know, I’d, of course, love if Arisugawa-san could lend me her hand and——”

It was at that time that I noticed.

Arisugawa-san’s face had turned dead-pale and she was incredibly tensed up.

“…What’s wrong?”

Seeming to not even realize that I had said something, her eyes looked someplace distant.

Her shoulders were shaking, she appeared bewildered, and she was on the verge of tears. Her face went through various expressions and eventually… turned red.

She turned her back on me and dashed off.

And left the classroom.


My reaction was delayed.

For some reason, the expression Arisugawa-san had right before turning her back on me was… one I had never seen from her before.


Arisugawa-san’s feet moved quickly. On top of that, her pace didn’t let up. It looked like she was doing sports.

I was out of shape, but although I got exhausted quickly, I still managed to not lose sight of her somehow and was hot on her trail—she was headed for… my dorm. More precisely, the upper floors.

Aika’s room.


Arisugawa-san slammed the door open with a violent sound and went inside.

Hearing Aika’s leaked ‘Eh?!’, I finally managed to catch up.

Aika was lying on top of her bed, her mouth gaping – right in front of her was Arisugawa-san, assuming an imposing stance.

I was standing behind her, so I could only see her back, but even so I could feel the rage oozing out of her and I was certain that she had the same expression on her face as moments ago.

Bright red and her well-shaped lips shaking.

To put it broadly, a face full of contempt.

Frustrated and embarrassed.

There was a scene in the manga that was scattered across Aika’s bed with the exact same impression.

It was like when a character thought they were going to win, but then came off second best as the opponent purposely saved their secret ability.

Aika shifted her gaze to me, seeking for an explanation, but Arisugawa-san swelled up.

A sound started to swell up in her throat and her entire body shook violently——



She yelled while pointing at Aika.




That Arisugawa-san said.

That Arisugawa-san who’s said to not have hated anyone.

Aika had paled so much that she looked pure white.

Two seconds passed without anything happening.

This… alone made it seem like a terrible moment.

“I’ve heard everything from Kimito-sama!”

Hearing that, Aika finally had a reaction.

“You mean——”





Aika jumped to her feet.

“What’s the big idea?! You’ve heard it all, right?! So why wouldn’t you be grateful?!”

Arisugawa-san stiffened.

Without saying anything, she clenched her fists increasingly. And——


Leaped at Aika with her voice sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

She pushed and knocked Aika down on the bed


She shouted.


Like a kid, she vented her anger frankly like that.

Aika was bewildered by this way too surprising ambush.


Jumped up and reversed their positions.

However, soon Arisugawa-san regained the lead. So strong.

“K-Kimito! Help me out here—!”

“Why can you address him so casually?!”

Arisugawa-san tightly pressed Aika’s shoulders.

When I cautiously drew closer to stop them——

“And why does Kimito-sama call you ‘Aika’ too—?!”


Towards this sudden stray bullet[3] that had been flung at me, I ceased moving, not getting the meaning of what she said.

“W-Wait! Are you for real here?!”

Aika turned to Arisugawa-san:

“I don’t get you at all——!”


She was pinned down.

“If you had consulted with me from the start, it wouldn’t have come to this!”

I saw Arisugawa-san’s profile, whose white cheeks had reddened as if she was crying.

Her wig was sliding, her eyelashes coming off.

“You willfully abandoned us! You ran away! Why?! Such a thing! Why would you do such a thing?!”

“…! Such a thing?!”

Aika forced her back with an angry expression.

Changing the tides, she got on top of Arisugawa-san. The mattress bounced up.

“You wouldn’t understand! You normal! You’re really just such a normal! Just blow up already—!”

Now even Aika teared up.

Arisugawa-san blinked once in bewilderment, however…

“Do you have any idea how much worry you’ve caused?!”

She forced her back with both hands.

“I’ve kept worrying if it was about despisable shortcomings of mine, you know?! I’ve always calmed the people who were about to talk badly, you know?!”

“I-I didn’t ask you to!”

Aika Arisugawa-san’s intertwined with each other’s fingers and assumed some kind of strength contesting stance, starting to wrestle with each other like that.

“Being able to do just about anything and always looking down from the top!”

“I’ve never done such a thing!”

Arisugawa-san pushed.

“You should think of others more!”

“Didn’t I think of you—?!”

Aika forced her back.

“I handed my plan over, right?! And this is what I get?!”

“I-I’ve never asked you to!”

“I hate you too! I hate you, like, SO MUCH!”

“I really do hate you too!”



While their crossed fingers jostled, even I could hear their strong nasal breathing.

The classes most popular and most lonely girl were voicing their feelings and contesting in earnest[4].

I was overwhelmed by this spectacle.

They flopped onto the bed and struggled intensely with each other.

While the sheets got crumpled, they were locked in a grapple and squeaking at each each other.

Their panties were already in plain sight, both of their thighs were entangled, and as both of their elastic and tender flesh was eating into each other, it gave birth to a magnificent Euclidean geometry.

When Aika caught a pillow, I snapped out of it.

Arisugawa-san seized it too and they struggled for it.

Now was the right time.


When I rushed over to stop them—

“”SHUT UP—!””

They crashed it onto my face, voicing their discontent in harmony.

I collapsed onto the floor and was all out of strength.


Translator notes and references

[1]It’s “明かりのこと” vs. “電気”. So “illuminating thingy/lamp” vs. “light”.
[2]The usual “baka”. Normally, it’s written with katakana alone. In this case, it’s outdated kanji usage.
[3]Furigana read “blame”.
[4]Author is using a sumo term. I’m not fond of my sumo knowledge.