Chapter 2: It Smells So Good

I had been abducted.

Blindfolded, hands tied together, and thrown into the rear seat of a car.

I was trembling.

Why’s this happening?! What are they gonna do to me?!

And why are they forcing me to use what feels like a macho man’s lap as a pillow?! And why’s he caressing my butt with his strangely sticky hands?! What’s gonna happen to me?!

I continued to tremble in fear.

“You may remove his restraints now.”

The maid said from the front seat.

With a hint of regret, the muscular macho man stopped molesting me with his big filthy hands and proceeded to remove the rope and blindfold.

The macho man I had been made to use as a lap pillow had a stunningly good looks and the blue clothes he was wearing seemed to be some sort of corps uniform.

Confronted by his inviting smile, I averted my gaze with all my might and looked out the window instead.

All I could see outside were spacious fields and distant mountains.

We couldn’t have been travelling for more than a couple of hours. Japan was covered with this type of scenery and even though it was thought to be a crowded place, there was a huge bunch of unpopulated areas. Anyone who had lived in the Japanese countryside for any amount of time will understand.

How long has it been? I put my hand into my pocket and—— realized my phone was gone.

“I humbly confiscated it.”

The maid in the front seat said. She had introduced herself as Kujou Miyuki earlier.

I could see her cold eyes in the reflection of the rear-vision mirror.

“I will return it later. You yourself, and everything you possess, will serve as our students’ precious [Sample].”


“I will explain after we have arrived. Please, try to relax for a little longer.”

She said and signaled something to the macho man with her eyes.


I was suddenly bearhugged by some massive muscles.



“Please calm down—— Hug him tighter, please.”



While entombed by his pectoralis major muscle and biceps, I feared I’d never awake from this cruel reality that was far worse than any nightmare when suddenly—— the car stopped.

In front of a tunnel.

There was no asphalt either; it seemed to lead up to a mountain road that you would normally pass by without noticing.

The front and rear doors of the car were immediately flung open. The chauffeur, as well as the guy who had been embracing me so very lovingly, got out.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The men called out, and two substitutes boarded in their stead: two maids.

Those who had gotten out got into another car which had pulled up behind us.

Inside this car, for a complete change, everyone but me was now female.

“Head Maid, would it sit well with you to depart now?”

The maid who climbed into the driver’s seat asked Kujou Miyuki.

“Please do.”

Could this girl, this ‘Head Maid’ be someone… important?

The car started to move again—— and entered the tunnel.

Amber lamps passed by one after another.

It looked so tidy that it seemed unimaginable that they were heading to some remote location.

Nobody said a word.

I felt slightly uncomfortable with the change of atmospheric pressure pressing onto my ears, and I tensed up even more.

——Where in the world are we going…?

I looked at the maid sitting beside me. She was so beautiful that I wouldn’t have been surprised to find her appearing in a magazine.

When she became aware of my stare, she smiled at me. I was so startled that I quickly shifted my gaze to the front of the car.

I had no clue what was happening right now.

What’s… gonna happen to me?

Eventually, I could see the exit up ahead.

What awaited us after the long tunnel was——


An academy.


The scenery spread out before us down a gentle slope.

It was completely surrounded by mountains. It appeared to be a basin; on an excessively spacious stretch of land surrounded by this natural wall. There were numerous buildings, grassy lawns, tennis courts, gardens, Japanese architecture, a horse ranch, and even a lake with yachts moored on it.

The lake was the same color as the sky and one seemed to blend into the other.

We slowly advanced down the the stone-paved road, lined by towering green trees.

Eventually we came to a big gate.

It feels like… right, like something you would see at one of those super-prestigious European schools, I guess?

But although it gives off that impression, it also has a bunch of hints of traditional Japan. I guess it’s like it has the feeling of the Meiji era, or maybe Taisho?

“This is Seikain Girls School,” Kujou Miyuki announced, “The academy you will be attending from now on.”



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