Chapter 12: She’s Just Eating Lunch Here (Aika-san’s Everyday Life)

After I’ve eaten lunch in the dining hall, I was headed for the toilet.

It was really annoying.

In an academy where men were prohibited from entering in the first place, there were, of course, no toilets for men.

So, in case I had to do it in school, there was a number of places that had been designated. Point being, it were remote places that the ojou-samas normally didn’t use.

Now the chosen one was the toilet on the first floor of the sports hall.

There certainly wouldn’t be anyone who’d use that toilet around this time.

Not a person to be seen inside, it looked deserted.

——Oh crap.

Because I had this kind of journey behind me, I was being pushed pretty hard now.

I had to dash to the toilet; quickly.

The second I entered the room, my body completely switched into the ‘all cannons locked and loaded’ mode and it got dangerous right away.

Without thinking anything, I rushed in and opened a stall’s door.

“…?! KYA—”

I stiffened.


Inside, there was Aika.


Sitting on the toilet seat, looking up at the intruding me with big eyes.

Oh crap! Did I just become a pervert who trespasses the girls’ toilet…?! ———That kind of imagination crossed my mind…

It wasn’t the case.

Aika’s skirt wasn’t let down, she had spread a cloth on top of her knees, and a small wisteria basket on top of it.

The insides were packed with food and said food was almost the same that I ate it for lunch just earlier.

Aika’s hands held knife and fork.

“…What… are you doing?”


“You’re… eating?”

Aika got taken aback.

Her face was about to get as red as a tomato——


She threw a croissant at me.

“It’s not that!”


“Lecher?! Why that weird vocabulary?!”

Wait, it really is different here. I’m being treated as if I’d just peeked into the inside of a stall, but…

She’s just eating lunch here.

“I was told by the school to use this place, you know! Why would you eat lunch in this godforsaken——”

Then I suddenly remembered.

…I had heard it before. If I remembered correctly, this was the infamous toi——

“It’s up to me where I eat, right?”

Aika got serious.

“I discovered this kind of place; a place where I can eat my lunch in peace and calm down, you know? It’s a discovery of mine!”

Society calls this ‘toilet lunch[1]‘, you know…

Aika-san resumed eating in front of the speechless me.

“Calling it ‘independent’, maybe? A luxury for the chosen ojou-sama of sorts?”

She skillfully operated her knife and fork, and put on an innermost relaxing expression——

“Aah, having dinner in a distant place is so calming—”


She’s beyond hope.

A genuine loner.


Translator notes and references

[1]The Japanese call this “Benjomeshi (便所飯)” which basically means toilet lunch. It’s done to avoid others. If there’s an English equivalent, enlighten me.