Chapter 11: I Thought It’d be Big, But That It’d be That Big…

I heaved a very deep sigh in the now empty auditorium.

As the result of my endeavors in solving the misunderstanding, I had been able to somewhat get them out of the ‘awe inspiring’ mode, but their ‘commoners are amazing’ assessment was unshakeable.

“Thank you for your hard work. Allow me to guide you to the exit.”

Kujou-san lead me.

I got down from the stage and stopped in my tracks close to a hall door.

“…? That’s not where we came in.”

“Indeed. This way please.”

I didn’t quite get it, but whatever. I opened the door.


And was showered by applause.


The young ladies that had just been in the hall were welcoming me with smiles.

Numerous tables had been placed on the vast lawn, covered by white cloth while flowers and wine glasses were arranged on them.

“Welcome to Kimito-sama’s Matriculation Party!”

Arisugawa-san extended her both hands with a smile.

“Are you surprised?”

“…Very much so.”

“Then it’s a huge success!”

She smiled seemingly happy. There was also a hint of triumph on her face, it was new to me that she could also make this kind of face.

“——I see. When we talked this morning…”

Arisugawa-san consented without words.

That there’d be such a big party for my sake, frankly, I couldn’t quite realize it, but…

“Thank you, Arisugawa-san.”

“Oh no, I merely… It is just that I like to scheme this sort of festivity…”

She casted her eyes down and blushed.

Maids arrived with trays full of glasses.

“Well then, let’s celebrate Kimito-sama’s matriculation—— Cheers!”

Going by Arisugawa-san’s lead, countless glasses were sparkling in the sky.

——What’s with this apple juice?! It’s incredible!

While I was being astonished by the striking difference in quality——

*Tap*! *Tap*!

Someone touched the back of my thighs from behind.

When I turned around, there were two kindergarten ojou-samas.

“I touched the commoner—!”

Beaming with a ‘kyaa!’ they ran off.

Yare, yare. Even if they’re ojou-samas, the small ones seem to do simple-minded things after a——


And now I was being surrounded.

Onee-sans that were lusting for younger men came creeping onto me.

“Um, we would like to, if you don’t mind…?”

Touch. Touch. Touch. Touch.

My spot was crowded with young ladies, their hands feeling around various places.

While the faces of the middle schoolers were blushing, they were checking the sensation.

Even though they were obviously shy in a way, it seemed as if their curiosity had won, hence they touched in turns.

“So this is a man…”

“He’s hard…”

“He’s big…”

The sensation of their hands; their aptly elegant, nice fragrance was lingering in the air around me – it… made my head go dizzy. My face swelled up looking as if I was inhaling something I shouldn’t.

“Everyone, you’re troubling Kimito-sama.”

Arisugawa-san said gently.

With that, they came back to their senses with a ‘Aah, we mustn’t’, thanked me, and returned to their places.

“I am terribly sorry.”

Arisugawa-san bowed with a bitter smile.

“But I understand their feelings very well. For the majority of us meeting a commoner or a man outside of our own families is a first.”

“But if you’re giving it a proper thought, it’s not that big a deal, is it?”


Shaking her head, she started to watch me intently.

“Kimito-sama is clad in an air of a world that we don’t know of. Your gaze is reflecting something completely different than ours.”

Saying such a poetic thing, her eyes wettened whilst reflecting my image.

Suddenly, my heart started to race.

“Reiko-sama. Would you happen to have a minute?”

Being called by her personal maid, Arisugawa-san went to the inner part while having her head turned into my direction.

She nodded to the Maid’s words and did some kind of quick indicating.

Taking into mind that she alone had organized and planned this party made me think that she was really something.

Even when I was watching her from far away, her presence had something radiating to it.

Beautiful, popular, loving festivities. She was beyond doubt an ojou-sama to me.

At that time, Arisugawa-san became aware of my gaze and turned her head.

She showed a glad smile and broke into a bit of a jog.

“M-Might there be something wrong?”

“Ah, sorry. I just thought that you’re quite something. Organizing this and so on.”

“It’s not that amazing…”

While being humble, she continued,

“But it makes me happy to receive your praise.”

Just as if to match the end of her sentence—— the live performed music changed.


I looked into the direction Arisugawa-san was pointing to.

The tables were moved away to make space.

There, the ojou-samas entered in pairs, all smiles, took each others hands, and——

Started to dance in perfect harmony.

I guessed it was a waltz. They’re feet moved fluent like a current, turning slowly, and flowing again.

A social dance with girl pairings was rather rare, but it did appear beautiful and light-hearted. They looked like numerous flowers, spinning on a lake’s surface.

Everyone’s movements were really perfectly in unison and gorgeous. I was deeply impressed. A beautiful scene to watch.

Ojou-samas are amazing.

The music stopped, everyone turned to me and bowed. I applauded grandly.

“We’re relieved if we were able to entertain you.”

Arisugawa-san said.

“Yeah, it was incredible.”

“Kimito-sama, won’t you try dancing yourself?”


“By all means, we’d love to see Kimito-sama’s skill.”

Eh? What’s with this ‘of course everyone can dance’ kinda mood?

Please stop, everyone! Stop this ‘my, I’m looking forward to it’ gaze!

“…N-No, I can’t dance. I never did.”

“…? You have never danced before?”

“Ehm… for the most part, commoners don’t dance like this…”

Arisugawa-san looked blankly. The same expression Aika had when I told her that we had no maids.

“Is that so… I couldn’t have known, but I’ve done something rude nonetheless.”

“Not really…”

The formerly excited atmosphere cooled down.

“…T-Then how about we try it?”


“Arisugawa-san, mind teaching me?”

Everyone had gone that far for me.

In that case, I should be fine with losing a bit of face.

“…! Of course! With pleasure!”

Her face brimmed with ‘Yes, sir!’.

“My, Kimito-sama will be taught how to dance!”

Our surroundings got excited again.

Yep, it’s better this way.

“Kimito-sama, your hand, please.”

Facing each other in the center, I closed up on the already prepared Arisugawa-san, and we joined our hands.

That second—— Arisugawa-san’s face gradually reddened. I could feel her hands slowly sweating.

“…Are you alright?”

“I’m toughening myself!”

Our conversation didn’t seem to connect in a strange way.

“W-Well then, first of all, please match my step and take your left foot out.”

Alright, I’ll let you all witness how a commoner embarrasses himself!

“One, two, three—— please go ahead.”

But I should pay attention to not step on her feet…




Unexpectedly, but— I’m managing somehow?!

Look at this, I’m matching the music!

Wait, but I shouldn’t be able to dance?!

I could hear ‘Oh my!’ mutterings from our surroundings too.

“Is it really your first time?”

“Ah, yeah.”

“You really are amazing.”

Arisugawa-san narrowed her eyes. Her look was somewhat enthusiastic and embarrassing all the same.

Then our movements got out of sync. ——That’s bad, I got cocky.

Our reactions got delayed and our feet tangled. We fell.

“Watch out—!”

I extended my arms at once and pulled her towards me.

*grope*~ ♡

My hands were squashed by two soft and overwhelmingly volumetric thingys.

It was Arisugawa-san’s… errr… her bust.

I thought it’d be big, but that it’d be that big…

Because of the squeezing I was, like, ‘they’re that temptingly and surprisingly elastic?!’—— In the blink of an eye, her face grew red and her heart started to pound so hard, it made me wonder whose heart it was to begin with. It felt like it’d break through the top of her head. All because I was sticking to her breasts.


While Arisugawa-san had her eyes wide open, they teared up, and…


She passed out.


The rescue maids moved in.


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