35 thoughts on “ShominSample Volume 1

  1. Hey, you folks mind if I take the next chapter and independently *try to translate it as practice for my shitty Chinese skills?
    *keyword try

  2. Does anyone know if the manga follows the light novel pretty closely or does it cut a bunch of stuff out like most manga adaptations of light novels do?

    • A few things, but nothing all too important. Iirc, it cuts off story irrelevant chapters here and there. It’s certainly far from being a bad adaption. Can’t speak for the translation though, I read it raw.

  3. Waiting for your translations on volume 2. You’ll translate it right?
    I regretted reading this before the anime and now all I feel is bitterness towards the adaptation. Please help in deliviring justice for this series.

    • http://guhehe.net/faq/

      Not me. And not us. Someone will translate it eventually, though. It’s too good to be ignored – and also has an anime now, which means attention, which means interwebz fame, which means appeal to people who want interwebz fame, which means it will be translated eventually.

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