Prologue: 嫐

“Well then, Hayate. Does mine taste better? Eat it.”

“Please wait! It’s been decided that mine tastes better! Quickly, choose me, okay? Hayate-san…”

“What are you babbling about, I wonder? It is my duty to be of Hayate’s assistance, no matter day or night. His desires, whether it’s food, sexual, or rest, I grant them all. Would you mind retiring already?”

“W-What kind of shameless…! N-No! I can’t step aside at this point! No matter what it is, I shall do it!”


The two blushing bishoujos simultaneously drew closer to Hayate.

“Listen, Hayate…”

Closing in from the right was Sherry Scharlachrot. With her milky-white skin and light-rose-colored hair. A bishoujo whose balanced body was wrapped in a uniform with a big opening around her bosom.

Hayate was her manservant, and she was his slave.

They were mutual masters in a master/servant contract. They had both closed the contract by exchanging collars out of dragon scales that they put onto each other’s neck. A in some respects irregular, equal, but most importantly inseparable relationship.

That’s why she it was fine for her to be by Hayate’s side. That wasn’t the problem… but…

“W-What is this? You couldn’t possibly plan to oggle and impregnate me…?!”

When Hayte threw her a stare, Victoria, approaching from his left, raised a flustered voice and said something so outrageous, one wouldn’t know whether it was a joke or serious… No, let me correct that. She was a girl who hadn’t the slightest clue about men, so she was probably serious.

“Nope, not really…”

Sherry’s classmate, Victoria Verde. A girl with an incredible hairstyle (blonde ringlets) and, while we’re at it, a no less intriguing cup size. Always accompanied by her winged serpent lindworm, one way or another, she was an ojou-sama with a flashy appearance.

Various things happened with her during the practical lessons and mid-terms, but they did have a joint struggle for a short time and the relationship between them hadn’t been as dangerous as before, but…

“Jeez, Hayate… hurry up and eat my bread. It’s tasty, you know?”

“Ah, how sly of you! Before that, Hayate-san will eat my soup!”

Seems like she’s competing with Sherry like this, they’re not on good enough terms that she may feed me yet… I guess?

In the academy’s dining hall, where the numerous ojou-samas were chatting away elegantly around them, only in the corner where Hayate and company were seated sparks scattered fiercely.

Why did Hayate have to be the only one dragged into this kind of brawl in this peaceful dining hall?


Well, to explain it… earlier, Victoria had come over and started to recklessly cling onto him, causing her noble-sized breasts to bounce into his elbow.

She had probably only intended to quarrel frantically with Sherry, but as big as she is, she had touched my elbow just by sticking her body out a bit.

Sherry’s are amazing too, but as I’ve said many times over, Victoria’s are earth-shattering as well.

Regarding firmness, Sherry seemed to have the upper hand, but if it came to softness, it was Victoria… When he thought that kind of thing, Sherry pulled on his collar from behind.

“W-What now?”

“What is the meaning of this, being seduced by another girl, you ero-manservant.”

“Well, no, I’m not really seduced…”

When he got flustered and searched for excuses, Sherry bore an ill-humored expression for some reason and tore the bread in her hands into small pieces, then she softly caressed his cheek with her hand.

“Here. Say ‘aaaah’.”

“Eh? Wh— *gulp*.”

She forcibly pushed the bread fragments into his mouth and Hayate instantly had his voice blocked.

Sherry’s fingers kept entering his mouth, pushing gradually deeper until she put the bread on top of his tongue. Finally, she held his tongue between her two fingers, entwined it, and stirred his saliva.

With a *CHU-PA*, she extracted her white fingers, leaving behind a trail with a transparent thread.



Maybe she had lost it, but Sherry stuck her fingers that she had just pulled out into her own mouth and started licking Hayate’s saliva.

In the face of that way too alluring scene, Hayate’s mind went half blank and… for the time being, he chewed on the bread in his mouth. If he didn’t distract his mind with something, he felt that his head would boil.

And then—— Hayate was pushed from behind and his face plunged deep into her breasts.



He had thought earlier that Sherry’s chest seemed to be a lot firmer than Victoria’s, but he had to reevaluate… Wait, now’s not the time! What the heck are you doing all of a sudden?!

Hayate was mumbling in her cleavage, but the perpetrator Victoria, who was pushing his back and forcing his head into Sherry’s bosom even now, didn’t realize it at all.

“Scharlachrot-san! W-What sort of shameless act are you committing in this kind of place?!”

If that’s what you’re thinking, take away your hand first!

Hayate intended to say that, but being hindered by Sherry’s breasts, it turned into nothing but muffled noise.

Maybe because she had lost her temper, she didn’t notice Hayate’s situation. Sherry, too, didn’t seem to take much notice, so with him still neck-deep in her cleavage, she stared back at Victoria.

“Call it shameless or whatever, something like this is nothing special to us.”

“W-W-W-What did you say?!”

“*MUFFLED*— (She’s lying—)!”

“Disciplining my manservant as well as looking after him, it’s my right as the master, and my duty as a slave. It is none of Victoria-san’s business.”

“……Th—! T-That’s besides the point! You’re a noble…”


Above his head, the girls’ dispute continued to unfold.

Meanwhile, Hayate started suffocating in Sherry’s bosom.

Suffering from a lack of oxygen, he thought again.

Why did it have to come to this…


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