22 thoughts on “OniAi Volume 1

      • Maybe he wants you to translate the title at the top. Not that I care. He has Google if he’s pathetically desperate. I-It’s not like I’m happy we got another comment on Oniai or a-anything.

      • I think s/he’s asking why there are no updates on vol. 4 recently. Or maybe why vol 2 and 3’s not here on the website.

        Anyways, are you guys still working on this project? I stopped following updates on OniiAi when CE dropped it and I just remembered about this novel again today.

  1. I really love this series and i think you guys do a really really good work with the translation. It’s just sad that you all are very slow with this, especially when i think vol. 10 is the latest (6 whole volumes ahead!), still, i don’t blame any of you in any way. Actually i really wish i could help, but yeah, i don’t know japanese. i intend to learn it though.

    • From all the stuff I ever touched up to this point, this is the trickiest to translate. I need TLC on this translation and this probably will never change; a second opinion on quite a bunch of line is very much necessary or else the plot goes down the drain without anyone even realizing.

  2. Thank you for translating this series. Hope you can provide a PDF cause it’s hard to read with this really big font (although I don’t have the right to complain since I’m just a leecher).

    Kudos to the author and translators!

    • If you click on the respective chapters, you’ll be able to download a PDF file. If you mean the large font on that file, oh well, can’t be everybody’s darling.

  3. Just FYI, Baka-Tsuki ends the coverage at v3 ch 8. So does anyone know where to find the missing chapters? Or maybe the raws?

    • Better late than never: The BT version is just a light edit of some Chinese -> English translation, to begin with, so you could just read the CE version instead, I forgot their name, though, so you gotta search for them by yourself.

      As for the raws: Google it. There’s no distribution of such content happening here, but raws are easy enough to find. However, I’d strongly encourage you to BUY the novels whether it’d be as paperback or ebook; if you’re gonna go for the Japanese version anyway, you might as well support the author. Light novels are dirt cheap to buy compared to “western (culture)” books or even official English translations of said light novels (which usually cost about 4 times as much as their original work).

      For paperback you could try amazon.co.jp or cdjapan.co.jp – the latter has cheaper shipping which will, however, take longer. For ebook versions: amazon.co.jp or bookwalker.jp

      The sites I listed aren’t the only ones on the whole internet, of course, just the ones I felt satisfied using for my daily (?) light novel needs.

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