Hey everyone, this is SUEBASHI. This is the end of “Samayou Shinki no Duelist” volume two.

So… I’ve already recorded my commentary on this story in the afterword for volume one, so what I’m going to write now is a little random.


When you’re an author, the majority of your time is spent in front of a desk, writing.

Accordingly, the natural enemy of those with this profession – or perhaps I should call it an occupational hazard – is back pain.

To be honest, back pain is something I’ve had to deal with for some years now; when it’s bad, I can’t last even five minutes sitting. Although exercising those muscles and calisthenics does help somewhat, when it’s bad, and when a deadline is coming up, I don’t have the time to exercise as I’d like.

And so I decided the answer is my chair. I am, after all, spending half of every day on my chair, and so you could say the ergonomics of my chair play a very important role in lightening the burden on my body.

In other words, “a good chair will alleviate the pain,” and so I’ve been doing some research… But these things are just so expensive! Among their number are chairs that are priced at some hundreds of thousands of yen; there’s no way I could make a casual purchase of that kind.

Plus, from my point of view, the fit of these things is very important, so it’s necessary to give them a try in the store before making a purchase.

Anyway, that gave rise to a certain problem.

Because I’m pretty much a shut-in, my people skills are awful.

When you go to buy new clothes, for example, the store attendants always find you right away. It’s a hard situation for me to deal with, and it leaves me panicking.


Attendant: “Welcome.”

Me: (Crap, they came.)

Attendant: “What kind of clothes are you looking for?”

Me: “Uhhh, um, yeah.”

Attendant: “Hmm?”

Me: “T-t-t-the kind you wear…”


That’s the kind of useless gibberish you’ll hear from this man.


That’s why I need to prepare for just such a situation when buying a chair.

So I roleplay these things in my head before I ever take action.

I need a clear image of what I want to buy, so that I can provide an accurate description of what I want. That’s way, when face-to-face with a store attendant, I can help them do their job even through my nervousness. You have to smile, personably and friendly.

——Good, I think I’ve got it. Something like this.


Attendant: “Welcome.”

Me: “Hehe…” (Smile.)

Attendant: “Can I ask what it is you’re looking for…?”

Me: “Hehe… well, I’m looking for something that will help my back, how do I put this, my lower back, feel more comfortable. Hehe. Something that will gently and comfortably envelop me, something that will suitably excite me…hehehe.”


——Oh man, that’s not good. They’d call the police on me for that.

What to do… (Not what to do about the police, but rather, how to deal with the store attendant. Let me just add that on the off-chance someone misunderstood.)


Anyway, to wrap the story up, I successfully purchased a new chair.

If you want to know how the attendant reacted, well, in the end, even as I paced around the store, no one paid me the least attention – I’d worried for no reason. Furniture salesmen seem to be pretty hands-off about things… That’s how things strike me anyway, as I sit in my new chair, writing this.

My back is doing much better.


And finally, acknowledgments.

Thanks to a level up in my procrastination skills, it was tough going making headway on this manuscript. It’s hard to express just how grateful I am to those who helped me.

I’m so grateful to the staff at Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, the editorial staff, my illustrator – H2SO4-sensei, designers, printers, logistics, bookstore staff, and everyone who took part in the process of this book’s release. Allow me to now express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude.

I hope we’ll see each other again.

October 2013 – SUEBASHI Ken


Translator notes and references