◆Lucian: Please marry me!

◆Nekohime: F-Fu-nya?

The blonde man with a giant sword on his back got down on one knee and put his hand out towards the girl with cat ears attached to her head.

Even though it was hard to inject this spectacle with solemnity and holiness due to it being embodied by some smooth 3D graphics, it was still beautiful enough to feel like a painting—— That said, it was what I’d thought at that time.

“It slipped it out, it really slipped out…”

Staring at my message on the screen, I gripped my shivering hand firmly.

There’s a game out called ‘Legendary Age’, or, in short, ‘LA’.

A PC exclusive massively multiplayer online role playing game—— Many people connect to one virtual world. People play the RPG simultaneously with each other. In one word: MMORPG. It had been one year since the start of LA’s service, but thanks to the good action and sweet graphics in it, it was now an MMORPG that had gathered a good deal of players.

Before I knew it, I, who had first come in touch with online playing through this game, had been completely addicted to this entertainment ever since I realized how different it was from offline games that had nothing but NPCs, as it was a characteristic of online games that you’d surely come across real people. Eventually I had been addicted to such a degree that I hesitated to even sleep. I had been playing all the time since the service started.

That was LA; but a large scale update was coming up after it’s first year of service.

The special feature was the implementation of the new ‘marriage system’.

One could make a marriage proposal to a player character of the opposite sex and if it was successful, a wedding could be performed. After the marriage, they would be recognized as husband and wife. If they were close to each other, they were granted a stat bonus. The buffs included stuff like being able to see each other’s position and so on, it had various benefits.

◆Nekohime: Marriage, huh… Nyou mean with me, nya?

◆Lucian: Yes, I’m begging you, Nekohime-san!

It was the first day of said implementation.

Inside the guild that I belonged to was a person, who was extremely beautiful, lovely, and yet always cared about others.

Furthermore, her sense for the grace of her equipment was good and its quality excellent. She was also skilled, and above all that she never missed to add a ‘nya☆’ at the end of her sentences. The absolute dream girl. Both in name and reality, Nekohime-san was the guild’s idol, so I proposed to her.

On the very day of the update, immediately after the end of the maintenance, Nekohime-san logged in at the same time as I did yet again. I proposed on the spot. I had been faster than anyone else, there were no rivals in this place. It was the one and only kind of flawless timing.

◆Nekohime: W-Why meya? This isn’t some kyind of joke, nya? Are you really… Are nyou seriously saying that, nya?

◆Lucian: I’m serious! I like you!

“Come on, I’m beggin you…!”

If she gives me her okay for this, then Nekohime-san and me will be a happily married couple.

Nekohime-san, the angel loved by everyone—— monopolizing this kinda affection and playing this game—— Aaah, is this really not a dream?

Perhaps, I’ll end up refused. I’ve got this worry, of course.

However, I am confident that I, more than anyone, am on good terms with Nekohime-san, and I confessed with that kind of resolution!

That’s why――

◆Nekohime: Ah― Sorry. I’m a guy in RL, you see.


The second these words were said, my mouth hung wide open.

A g-… A guy?

My angel Nekohime-san is a guy?

I― what’s going on?

What kind of joke is this?

Ah, I see, it is a joke.

Hahaha, Nekohime-san is such a prankster.

◆Lucian: P-Please stop that, Nekohime-san. Telling such jokes.

◆Nekohime: No, I’m being serious.

I was replying while hitting the characters with shivering hands, Nekohime-san’s words were cold to an extent that I couldn’t think.

◆Nekohime: My bad, but I’m a man for real. An old man even. I’m just a plain VR player who likes playing the other gender, but I would never have thought that I’d be proposed to. It’s my fault, sorry.

◆Lucian: What are you saying…

I was attempting something like a denial, but the contents of her messages were too different from what I had heard from Nekohime-san so far, and so no more than that words came out.

◆Nekohime: No, I really am apologizing here – it was my fault.

◆Lucian: Y-You’re really a guy?

◆Nekohime: That’s right, I’m a guy in RL.

◆Lucian: On top of that an old one?

◆Nekohime: Yeah, yeah! I’m an old man in RL.

“T-That can’t be…”

I dropped my shoulders in desperateness.

This Nekohime-chan, a good girl that was my first love so to say, there couldn’t be a guy behind her—— An old one even, can such an absurd thing really be true?

There’s no way that’s possible.

This possibility is unthinkable. Absolutely unthinkable.

I see, Nekohime-chan doesn’t want to marry me, and to not hurt me through rejecting me, she tells that lie. If she’s that gentle a girl, this might be true――

◆Nekohime: Or rather, real girls don’t say stuff like ‘nya☆’, let’s just accept this, alright?


I let out a cry of despair and beat up my keyboard.

◆Lucian: くぁwせdrftgyふじこーp

“That bastard, damn it, DAMN IT! A sham! I was betrayed!”

Reacting to the unreasonable pushing of buttons, LA crashed. I didn’t realize this as well, shedding real tears while hitting the keyboard over and over again.

“Damn it, damn it! Enough, I’ll absolutely, absolutely―!”

*GAN*! The moment that it was strongly struck, keys flew out of the keyboard and danced in the air.

“I won’t believe in something like girls in netgames EVER AGAIIIIIIIN!”


This had happened roughly two years ago.

But even remembering it today makes my muscles freeze, it’s a really terrible memory.

◆Lucian: ——So it was like that

◆Ako: Is that so? People who go and be girls inside games are troublesome, aren’t they?

◆Lucian: Those days I was still an amateur, that’s why…

After a long time, I was done talking.

Probably this girl before my eyes―― No, more precisely, that girl in front of my character’s eyes was a female character― I had surely handed her down my intentions, I thought.

◆Lucian: That’s the reason, you see

◆Ako: Yes! So please! Please marry me!

◆Lucian: Did you hear what I was saying?!

◆Ako: I heard it well, so definitely, please!

◆Lucian: You definitely didn’t get the meaning!

◆Ako: It’s definitely obvious that it’ll be more fun when you marry me!

◆Lucian: I don’t get where that self-confidence comes from, but anyway, it’s no good!

◆Ako: When do you want to marry then? ——Now, right?!

◆Lucian: ‘Now’ my ass! Listen to what I’m sayin’!

This was basically the conversation with my ‘bride’.


Translator notes and references