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Translation/TLC Department

Self-proclaimed “Almost Worst Translator in the World” (AWTitW). A wannabe-blogger at cautr’s. Twitter: @caut_R

Hi, I translate stuff. I take little sisters as payment too. Feel free to call me ‘inaba-oniisama’. Also feel free to check out my deviantArt if you want to see shitty vectors.

Our native Japanese speaker who made us all feel dumb the second he joined. We all sorehodo nihongo hanasenai bakas. gg.

Infiltrating the Translation Department as a Chinese TL to weaken our morale with his speed.


Editing/Proofread Department

Our editor for Hundred (now Usotsuki), whose English skills put us all to shame.

Saves the financial future of the group by taking out a life insurance while living in Australia. And we all know what living in Australia leads to (certain death).

I-It’s not like I want to introduce myself or anything.

Hello. I am a person with 9 permanent hobbies. I’m serious about everyone’s grammar. So if you meet me in real life… you won’t anyway, why bother?

Occupation: ninja proofreader. After he came on top out of ~22 applicants, cautr and Hiyono struggled to find him. Finally, after many close misses, Hiyono caught him in IRC on a dark night. cautr (and half the staff) is still looking for him.

Giant loser.



Our beloved quota colonist who, even though it was for a short time, gave us fun, joy, and scratched our furniture. We hope for his sake that he’ll be reborn as a dog. cautr’s got a leash already.

The dearest Arab we ever had. At least he left with a bang. We’ll pray for you that the 72 virgins are somewhat hawt. Or girls to begin with.

On his tombstone there shall be written: “If only he had been less of an honor student and more of a hikikomori.”

21 thoughts on “Staff

  1. ty all for all your work, allowing me to enjoy a nice story from Japan.

    Here’s a bit of my transcription/translation skills for your enjoyment, for the following:

    You remember Hirojima and remember when the Pearl Harbor bombed the Germans? Well, it’s D-Day all over again brother…

  2. Guys! All of you put smile on my face! I love these intros about everyone :D :P

    Inaba-onii-sama tell me where I can send my little sisters gift card :D

  3. Thank you for giving me Haganai when I was feeling down due to the Haganai Season 2 Cliffhanger. Also going to read everything else on this site now…

    Also Trarc and Cautr, your picture and your message ^ match very well. gj

  4. Well I was kinda let down with the Haganai cliffhanger the anime left at (tbh I was kinda mad lol). Everyone does such a great job translating. I can’t ask for any more. Keep up the great work everyone! It truly makes peope happy around these parts, including me!

  5. May I know if any of the team members is looking for a new project to translate?

    I would like to suggest Rakuin no Monshou (which also has a complete translation of its 12 volumes in Chinese language) if there is a possibility in the future.

  6. I’m a french newbie in the light novel’s world who got hooked by Haganai therefore thank you a lot for your translations, it really makes me happy !
    Keep up the good work, you’re all fucking awesome !

  7. Can i join this ? after you release ore to kanojo ga geboku dorei , i download it and only find vol 1 complete , i am already have vol 2,3,4 and 5 for raw and i am now college student in japanese literature

  8. Oh I am sorry for my rudeness, can I ask something? Is this translation I mean your raw file buy from Japan or Amazon or this from scanned novel? Please share your method for translating cause I am still find my dream, and like I said I am college student in Japanese literature, I wish you would mind share your kindness about your method.😃

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