Regarding the Recent Baka-Tsuki DMCA

As you might know, Baka-Tsuki got a DMCA slap to the face by Kadokawa Corp. If you didn’t, well, you do now. Affected’s pretty much everything under the Dengeki Bunko imprint, meaning Haganai. And theoretically also Usotsuki, but apparently they didn’t bother to do a thorough job: the latter series didn’t get listed.

There isn’t much information to what their motives are, and while there’s no doubt that they’re entitled to do this, they didn’t care to for the longest time, so why now? Personally, I support any attempt on bringing stuff from Dai Nippon to the West, so licensing and official translations of any sort. However, you can guess by yourselves that they’re not gonna translate their whole imprint now.

People who can read Japanese won’t bother with these – infamous for their quarity – translations and rather pirate so-called raws. And people who can’t read Japanese and had to rely on these – infamous for their quarity – translations still can’t read Japanese and there’s nothing gained. It gives them literally nothing.  It’s not like they’re gonna buy the raws now just to look at the pictures. Looks more like a “we do what we must because we can” DMCA to me. Or maybe one of the Japanese higher-ups is good at English and got tired of their stuff being done in the butt. h4h4, fat chance.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: nothing. We received nothing, we do nothing. Here’s what that means for you: nothing either. Because if our admin gets to know and wants to act, then Dengeki Bunko stuff’s gone. And I’m not gonna act up, as it’s his goodwill to host us and his liability, so clench your buttcheeks.

Just a rough note to everyone confused out there. Anyway, now you’re in the know, and now you know how Japan wishes you a Merry fuckin’ Christmas.

P.S. Well, seems like they only picked the biggest series under the imprint. I don’t get these guys.

P.P.S. Judgement’s been passed down: Haganai‘s to be taken offline for now.

49 thoughts on “Regarding the Recent Baka-Tsuki DMCA

  1. Hello everyone. I really don’t know what to say except that I feel as bad as every one of you guys. I have PDFs/notepads of the Vol.10 up til Chapter 8; if anyone is interested, you guys can mail me at and I will forward them to you.

    I am worried about some of the other Light Novels; why did they have to this–didn’t they think there are people in the world who can’t read Japanese and are eternally in the debt of people worldwide who make the time and effort to translate for the rest of us?

    Take care, everyone.

  2. The DMCA killed less series than the “only the volumes we want” thing. Plus the always great “never dropped until we say it is!” It’s probably too late to ask dudes not to be like hayashi but I’ll steal some of the projects sooner or later.

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