Haganai Volume 10 Chapter 8 released!



Congratulations, you have reached the True End of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

That’s it, there is no more. I’m serious. Stop giving me those eyes, this was the very last thing written, I swear. Okay, maybe there was like an author’s note and advertising stuff in the back, but this was everything worthwhile. Oh, wait, maybe there was something before the atogaki. Oh would you look at that, I missed some pages. In fact, looks like a whole chapter! Dear me, what a terrible mistake I hath made. But wasn’t this enough? Were you not entertained? Yes, I can tell you were. It’s settled then, this is the end, goodbye…

…Do you really need more? I guess I could post the last chapter of the volume if you really want, but then the terrorists would win.

Oh well, we’ve come this far, I guess I’d better hop to it. Until next time!

38 thoughts on “Haganai Volume 10 Chapter 8 released!

  1. guys, your work is awesome, i can’t wait to read the last chapter. i will prepare a good comment, from the bottom of my heart, for that last chapter.

  2. Good day sir! Would it bebe possible if you can send the last chapters of volume 10 on my email? I heard everything related to Haganai has been taken down. Anyway. I salute you for being with Haganai to the very end and keeping your readers happy.

    • I doubt anyone will provide it, I searched for almost 2 hours and all I found was Volume 10 up to chapter 8, but if you do find the rest let me know.

      • I kinda wish the volume was completed. it would be nice as a parting gift. thanks though for the translators for their hardwork

  3. Oh wow… the DMCA taking down everything … We were so close to the end. I´ll have to settle for a detailed summary about the last volume written by a person who read the book.
    Ahh, this really pains me. But! Thank you guys so much for translating this to the end. You did a great job, pleased a lot of fans. Now lets grab out pitchforks and torches and storm the people who took everything down!

  4. Damn it, i wanted to read the last chapters. Has anyone found the rest of the chapters translated? I don’t want to read summaries D:

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