Frequently Asked Questions

Crude Version

Please translate X./Will you translate X?

Where’s chapter X from Y that you do?
In progress.

When will it be released?
When it’s done.

Give a rough/kind of an/just some ETA.

Be faster.


This is a spoiler, if you don’t want to be spoilered don’t read any further […] / I’ve heard that […] / In the latter chapters […]
Don’t spoil. It doesn’t matter whether seriously or stupidly.

Refined Version

No spoilers about anything anywhere! Spoilers meaning any story-related information that goes beyond the chapter you’re commenting at. There’s a thin line between spoilers and guessing.

  1. Volume translation: We do not translate series. Instead, we work on a volume-by-volume basis. This means that if we do not explicitly announce the translation of a followup volume, then we do not have any plans to do so.
  2. Quality over quantity: We refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. You will have to either wait for us to release once our work has reached a level we’re satisfied with, or force the translation through Google Translation yourself. Alternatively – God forbid – learn Japanese/Chinese.
  3. When will X be released?: When it’s done.™
  4. Deadlines: As the above policy states, we don’t do deadlines and we won’t give explicit ETAs either. A release is done when it’s done, whether that takes us a week or a year.
  5. “Quality? This reads like crap.”: Glad to hear it. We love nothing more than to hear that you think you can do better, but aren’t willing to contribute. (If you are, well then, that’s a different matter. Apply!) As much as we might emphasize quality, please keep in mind that no one involved here does this professionally, and we recognize our limitations as much as anyone. We may not be perfect, but we are trying, and are confident that you’d be hard pressed to find work of a higher quality in this amateur scene.
  6. Is it dropped?: Nothing is dropped unless we’ve said so.
  7. We’re a team: If isolating yourself in a dark cell while you translate sounds like something you’d enjoy, then you’re probably better off without us. We value and encourage teamwork and “being all cozy together.”
  8. Project suggestions: You are allowed to make recommendations for new projects. Do expect, however, that 95% of the time your suggestion will be turned down. We’re busy people and a willingness to add on to that workload is unlikely at best.
  9. ePUB/PDF creation: We do our own ePUBs/PDFs, but feel free to share your versions; we don’t mind. Please don’t forget to credit us, though.
  10. Baka-Tsuki/External hosting: Please don’t go and post our stuff someplace else. If we want to do so, we’ll do it ourselves.
  11. Questions/comments/miscellanea: This site comes with a comment function.
  12. Series X got licensed: If one of our series gets licensed by a company that plans to release it in English, we will delete our respective content without warning. We encourage and support light novel licensing and won’t wait for a C&D just so that you can leech for free. Comments which then aim to help those who still want to leech it for free will be deleted without warning. As stated, we support the licensing.
  13. Can I do a PDF/ePUB/whatever of X? Sure, just credit us somewhere in that file and go ahead. And be so kind to post it here, so that our readers get something out of it, too.

37 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. OreDorei vol 1 to a Translator turned bad? I don’the know how you came to that conclusion. Vol1 is so exciting that a reader want to get to Vol2 no matter price. And you, as Translator, made decision without consolting the readers ? where is the fairness in that ?

    I am sure it take time and effort to Translate novels. That is why I want participate in a (Donation) as a way to give you motivation and reduce whatever ails you from money problems.

    I am frustrated that I can’t translate and stuff, so please please PLEASE. lend me a hand and continue OreDorei Translations.

    • I certainly thought that it was better than Zero no Tsukaima, but there is absolutely no reason why anyone providing a free service needs to consult with the consumers before ceasing to provide it. There is no quid-pro-quo in that relationship, only in the relationship between the actual translators. You and I are nothing more than unjustified leeches.

      As for your “inability to translate”, it’s actually just inaction. Google “japanese book imports”, buy a Japanese-to-English dictionary, and practice. Cease your conflation of inability and inaction.

    • Begin Rage:

      Since you’re reading in English, I would say show some proficiency in this language first. If you won’t, might as well read from bing translate or something, it’ll read the same way you write. And ‘I am lazy?’ Who isn’t? Gives you no right to demand anything from anyone. If ‘I am lazy’ was a valid reason for others to work on YOUR behalf, the human race might as well go extinct now rather than wait for the ‘fruits’ of that sorta attitude. Here’s the same advice again: You want something done? Do It Yourself. If not, don’t proclaim that whoever is doing it is not doing it according to your expectations.

      Here’s some tips: a) Learn English(and I mean proper English, something that isn’t a pain to read, either on comments or forums or whatever) b) Learn Japanese(Or alternatively, Chinese. Most LNs get translated into that, but there you’d probably spout the same nonsense and get the same response.) c) Read the books in Japanese and write in English. d) Voila! You no longer have a reason to complain while you have no right.

      Rage ends here.

  2. I am a lazy person who depend on others while at the same time help those same others.
    I like your dedication for translating good novels.
    When I suggested about (Donation) to you guys, the donation could be used in supporting the original authors OR could be used in maintenance for the PC and laptop you guys are using.
    Free money is to be accepted when it is 400 US$ a month.
    I have alocated money for other ;only good ones; light novel translation sites.
    I have done the same for good manga sites as well.
    I am NOT looking to boast or whatever.
    I see good work? I see perfect group? Then I support those.
    I am sorry if I came too strong in my wanting to support you guys through monthly Donations. >_>

  3. I also liked OreDorei. Would be obliged if you can continue with the translations of Volume 2. Please don’t drop this series.

  4. What’s with the subtitle? “Praying daily that never again an imouto series may end this shitty.” – what series?

  5. Hay cautr I wanted to ask if you could give this series a try at least three chapters last I heard someone translated chapter one of the first volume it’s called
    Shinsei Mahou wa Shikkoku no Urushibara-san
    It’s about an unlucky guy who falls off a mountain and dies only to find out that a childhood friend of his whom he thought of as a sister was actually a descendant of a family of necromancers pretty crazy right bro?

    • Not interested, got enough to do. But I might read into it for personal pleasure/torture, depending on how it is.

  6. you guys start it and drop it (oredorei i mean) , why don’t you guys delete its first volume then? its tortuded me who read it by chance and then love it,….

  7. Uh, hello. I’m a bureaucrat from the Haganai Wiki and I would just like to express my thanks for translating the light novel chapters in Haganai (obviously). It really helped in adding more content to the wiki in many ways. Though it is unfortunate that you can’t assure us of translating the next (final?) volume of the series, I’m just very impressed by what you do to the readers without expecting anything in return.
    I know this message may seem overdue since I was already following your site since the beginning of Volume 9 (which was a LONG time ago when baka-tsuki suddenly stopped translating the series). Again, thanks and more power to you!

  8. I have recently become a fan of Haganai. I was wondering if the volumes are gone or if there was somewhere else I can find them. I tried to find a place to buy them but had no luck.

  9. How do we come to know that which translation is going on. Maybe a progress bar or something of sort would be much appreciated by all the readers.

    • I tried that before and it’s a hassle to update. I post it on my twitter whenever I’m done/progressing worthwhilely on Yuushibu, so you could check that in Yuushibu’s case.

  10. Please translate Hundree, I just want to know what happens and I can’t read japanese, or maybe just give us some spoilers for the other volumes if it won’t be translated, please

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